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Orthokeratology Specialist | Ortho K Sydney

Richard Thompson
Dr. Andrew Barling
B.Optom (Hons), Ocular Therapeutics UNSW. B.Vision Science UNSW

With over a decade of experience in optometry, Andrew is passionate about delivering the highest quality outcomes for all patients. Having worked with experienced optometrists throughout Sydney across multiple full-scope practices, Andrew is highly experienced in general practice and has gained expertise in myopia management, custom contact lens fitting for Keratoconus and Orthokeratology, Paediatric optometry and Vision Training for children and adults.

With qualifications in ocular therapeutics, Andrew is also able to prescribe eye medications to treat a wide range of eye conditions.

Quality eyewear and tailored services to fit you

Our highly qualified and experienced optometrist is passionate about assisting children and adults with a range of everyday and complex eye and vision issues, including Myopia control and Ortho-K.

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