Quality Disposable Contact Lenses

For those who don’t have 20/20 vision, the preference to use contact lenses over spectacles either exclusively or in combination with eyeglasses can come down to a variety of factors, like lifestyle, sports, profession, amongst others. Contact lenses sit directly on your eye to correct vision and come in both hard and soft varieties. Some of the benefits include a more natural vision than with glasses; contact lenses move with your eyes, don’t fog up like glasses and many people feel they look better in contact lenses. They do, however, require more vigilant care, as they must be cleaned and stored correctly. Here at Artarmon Vision, we provide all leading brands of high-quality disposable contact lenses, including daily, fortnightly and monthly lenses. In most cases, we can supply your lenses within two days.

Ortho-K Examination & Treatment

Ortho-K (or Orthokeratology) is a treatment using special contact lenses that are worn at night while you sleep. It is most often used in treating myopia (short-sightedness). It gently changes the shape of your eye to allow you to see clearly during the day without using spectacles or contact lenses. Research has also shown that Ortho-K lenses slow the progression of short-sightedness, which is particularly important for families with a history of myopia.

We are equipped with the latest instrumentation to allow Ortho-K lenses to be specially designed and custom-made to fit each individual eye.

Contact Lenses for Keratoconus

Keratoconus or Conical Cornea is a progressive and degenerative thinning and distortion of the cornea (the front surface of the eye). Initial symptoms usually appear during puberty or late teens and can include sensitivity to light or glare and blurred vision. Left untreated, the natural round shape of the cornea begins to bulge in a cone-like shape and can lead to vision impairment. Often, people with Keratoconus can only achieve clear vision with specially prescribed rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

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Our highly qualified and experienced optometrist is passionate about assisting children and adults with a range of everyday and complex eye and vision issues, including Myopia control and Ortho-K.

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